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RECAP: Equilibrium

Equilibrium (2002): Kurt Wimmer

Have you wanted to watch a movie in which emotionless automatons kill each other with guns in a sophisticated, statistically precise gun fighting method, and for that movie to not be a TransformersEquilibrium is a movie for you.

After the Third World War, humanity decided it could not survive a fourth. A drug was invented that suppressed all emotion, rendering war, crime, and violent outburst nonexistent.

Some people, however, refused to take this drug. They enjoy things like art and music and shit. They are DANGEROUS. To stomp out these people and their aesthetic pleasures, the powers that be created a group of über-police called, I kid you not, Grammaton Clerics.

Using special martial arts and dressed all in black, these clerics are the best at rooting out and destroying emotional content.

ONE SENTENCE PLOT SUMMARY: In an emotionally repressed future society, war is a thing of the past and the only crime is…to feel.  Continue Reading